CMA-Certified Managment Accountant

High Steps Training – Best Training Provider for CMA courses in Dubai

Have you ever wanted to make a quantum leap through your  career ladder and join the ranks with world’s 30,000 distinguished CMAs earning $140,000 annually?

Let us drive you closer to your goals.We are offering you  the world’s most comprehensive vendor approved CMA courses in Dubai. A student of finance, a working accountant or  even a CFO, no matter what professional stage you are at, CMA is a certification program that can set you apart from the  whole crowd and lead you to the ocean of strategic opportunities.

'The CMA (Certified Management Accountant) is a  tailor-made certification program designed so as to measure financial professionals\'  core finance and management skills'

With a 90% pass out ratio of our CMA courses in Dubai, High Steps Training not only specializes in  vendor curriculum, it does also champion in developing custom training plans  and courseware that guarantee nothing lesser than your success in CMA certification.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Certified Management Accountant (CMA) program?

Certified  Management Accountant, better known as CMA is an international certification designed to measure advance financial  management skills of Finance professionals, awarded by Institute of Management  Accountants (IMA) U.S.

Can students do CMA in Dubai?

Yes, as long as  you are a graduate, you can do CMA in  Dubai. Finance professionals at all levels and from all parts of the world  can join with our CMA courses in Dubai.

Structure  of the CMA course

The new CMA exam consists of two parts:
Part l - Financial Planning, Performance and Control
Part ll - Financial Decision Making. Each part consist of 5 paper

How to become a CMA?
For an average student it takes around 4-6 months to complete CMA exams. But,  the good thing about this program is that you can proceed through your course  at your own pace and you can complete it in 12 months or 3 years.

All CMA  candidates have three years to complete the CMA program track. The time period  will begin with the date of entry in to the program. If the two –part of CMA  exam is not completed within three years, then the credit for the part passed  will expire.

Training for CMA in Dubai

At High Steps Training, approximately 36-40 hours of training will be provided  in each CMA part. For latest training schedule for CMA in Dubai, please call us at……..

When  to appear in CMA exams?

Exam parts are offered according to the following schedule

·       January & February

·       May & June

·      September & October

Where  can you sit in CMA exams?

CMA Exams are administered through the worldwide network of "Prometric  Testing Centers" and are available in accordance with local customs.

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